At Nevada Memory Care person-centered model values our residents’ whole selves, rather than just focusing on the condition or disability that a resident may have. Our model is based on three foundational principles of love, dignity, and care.


Love from family and friends is of paramount importance. It is the foundational principle of our philosophy because dignity and clinical care alone cannot provide the happiness that residents feel when they engage with their loved ones. Without love, the other two principles cannot independently sustain the day-to-day needs of the resident.


Dignity from our staff is essential. Regardless of the mental, emotional, or physical capacity of the resident, Nevada Memory Care staff is committed to providing complete dignity to residents as they support them with activities of daily living.


Care from clinical staff such as doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants is the third critical piece of support to ensure a resident’s quality of life. Clinical staff monitor a resident’s health and provide medical support as the resident’s needs evolve.